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Founded in 1981, Greater Atlanta Malayalee Association or GAMA is one of the oldest and largest Indian expatriate organizations in the United States. GAMA strives to preserve and promote the Malayalee’s social, cultural , educational, literary and artistic heritage through it’s programs and initiatives. We welcome all Malayalee families who are present in the Greater Atlanta area to join us!



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Saturday February 4th, 2017

President’s Message

As the 2017 President of GAMA, I am honored, excited and thankful to each one of you to have another opportunity to build on the great foundation we have in the Greater Atlanta Malayalee Association.
2017 Executive Committee’s focus would be to create opportunities for meaningful engagement in the Malayalee community leading to increased participation, awareness, volunteer involvement, community development and philanthropic activities. Holding the electrifying inspirational baton in our hands through our predecessors, we want to set objectives that would be instrumental in helping the people in our community stay connected and contribute to the betterment of the Malayalee community.
Our 2017 motto ‘Connect, Contribute, Celebrate will further the mission of building a stronger community in Atlanta by continuing to make GAMA a hub that brings the community together, helping to stay connected through involvement and contribution in a wide range of community activities and services, and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of the Kerala culture.
Some of the events that we have planned for 2017 are reflective of our vision to capitalize on our strengths and make a strong and dynamic Malayalee community in Greater Atlanta and Georgia.
· Increase GAMA membership by reaching out to non-members and encouraging them to join GAMA
· Take GAMA to the next level by organizing medical camp, good charity events, youth programs etc.
· Coordinate and organize programs with other Malayalee associations in the Southern States of USA.
· Create more opportunities for Malayalee’s to mingle and socialize and build a strong support system within our community.

These accomplishments would not have been possible without the continued service of our valued members, leadership, and sponsors. With that, we ask you to join us for making 2017 a success.
Biju Thomas Thuruthumalil
President, GAMA-2017
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Saturday January 28th, 2017

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