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Founded in 1981, Greater Atlanta Malayalee Association or GAMA is one of the oldest and largest Indian expatriate organizations in the United States. GAMA strives to preserve and promote the Malayalee’s social, cultural , educational, literary and artistic heritage through it’s programs and initiatives. We welcome all Malayalee families who are present in the Greater Atlanta area to join us!


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Involve Integrate Inspire

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Dear friends,

Thank you once again for your overwhelming response to our request to help Dileep Mani Madapallil. The funds ($2000 in all) collected from all of you were handed over to Mr Robert Stuart (Dileep's close friend and caregiver) on Thursday, October 13th, 2016. Mr Stuart also informed us that Dileep is now doing better and has been moved out of the ER.

As promised, a complete list of contributors and the amounts received have already been shared with Dileep, his caregiver and the contributors . GAMA will also issue receipts to all the contributors. Thank you again for your support. We will keep you posted on any new updates we hear.

Executive Committee
Greater Atlanta Malayalee Association
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Sunday October 16th, 2016

Important Update : Dileep Mani Madapallil/Savannah Shooting

Dear friends,

Thank you for your overwhelming response to our appeal for Dileep yesterday. We had set out with an unofficial target of raising $2000 to cover Dileep’s living expenses till December, 2016. This target was met in a very short time span thanks to the generous contributions of our community members.

Please note that we are no longer accepting contributions.

All contributions received will be handed over as a check to Dileep’s caregiver. To ensure full transparency, a complete list of contributors and the amounts received will be shared with Dileep, his caregiver and the contributors . GAMA will also issue receipts to all the contributors.

Thank you again for your compassion. We are extremely proud to be a part of this community.
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Friday October 7th, 2016

Dear friends,

As some of you already know by now, Dileep Mani Madapallil, a fellow Malayalee based out of Savannah, Georgia, was shot at the gas station where he worked during the early hours of Monday, Sep 26th. Dileep was admitted with serious injuries to the Memorial Medical Center at 4700 Waters Ave., Savannah, GA 31404 where he still is.

A delegation of Malayalees from Atlanta consisting of Fr. Mathew from St. Alphonsa Church, GAMA President Prakash Joseph, Former GAMA Vice President Sibi Karippaparambil and Rejimon Mathew visited Dileep yesterday at the hospital and spent time talking with the hospital staff and Mr. Stuart (Dileep's close friend and care giver at Savannah) to assess Dileep's current situation and prognosis.

Per the information we gathered, Dileep needs to spend at-least a month in the hospital followed by an extended rehabilitation period. Dileep has no immediate family in the USA to assist him. His parents who are in India are also unable to make a trip to the US due to health issues. In this scenario,we would like to request the Malayalee community in Georgia to assist with the following requests if possible -

1. If you or your friends are near the Savannah area, we request you to kindly visit Dileep and his friend and care-giver Mr Stuart. They would really appreciate this. The address is Memorial Medical Center at 4700 Waters Ave., Savannah, GA 31404

2. Mr Stuart is currently taking care of Dileep's recurring living expenses (like rent, utilities). He has requested some interim financial assistance, if possible, to continue maintaining these. If you would like to make a contribution to this end, please connect with us directly (details below).

We would like to thank all those who have already volunteered and committed to assist Dileep. We would also like to thank former GAMA Executive Committee member Jogy Jose for taking the lead in connecting/updating concerned community members and Dileep's family in India about the situation.

We wish Dileep a speedy recovery.

Please contact: Prakash Joseph (Phone : 954- 629-7616 email : president@gamaonline.org) /Kannan Udayarajan (Phone : 404-754-4309 email : secretary@gamaonline.org)
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Thursday October 6th, 2016

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