Constitutional Amendments Proposed For 2016 General Body

Dear Friends,


The 2015 GAMA General Body had tasked the 2016 GAMA Executive Committee with the duty of formulating and presenting a constitutional amendment proposal for establishing a Board of Trustees for the organization. We have come up with the below set of proposed amendments after considerable review of the constitutions of several similar organizations and also the original proposal submitted by the 2015 Ad Hoc Study Committee (appointed for this purpose by the 2014 General Body).


Please review the below proposed amendments and do email your feedback/recommendations if any to Our objective is to gather and incorporate as much feedback as possible in the coming days leading up to the 2016 General Body (planned for December 10, 2016 at Mountain View High School) in which this will be presented for ratification.


Please note that as per section 13.1 of the GAMA constitution, at least a majority of two thirds votes polled of those present in person at the General Body shall be required to ratify any constitutional amendments. Also, please note that as per section 10.2 of the GAMA constitution, the Quorum of the General Body meeting is one third of the total members. In the absence of a quorum, the General Body will be adjourned. Please visit the following link to view the current GAMA Constitution, Amendments and Resolutions : GAMA Legal and Financial 

Constitutional Amendments Proposed For Establishing Board Of Trustees 


Term & Composition


  1. The Board of Trustees for a calendar year shall consist of Presidents of the organization from the prior three (3) years
  2. The senior most trustee will retire automatically at the end of the calendar year
  3. The vacancy will be automatically filled by the President completing his/her tenure that calendar year.
  4. An individual cannot serve simultaneously in the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of the organization.


Vacancy ( Death, Resignation and Removal by Impeachment)


  1. A member of the Board of Trustees may resign at any time by providing a written notice to the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee
  2. A member of the Board of Trustees who fails to repeatedly attend official meetings without prior notification and/or fails to comply with the organization’s by-laws can be removed by the impeachment process defined in Section 7 of the by-laws
  3. In the event of a vacancy or the current President continuing for another term in the Executive Committee, a replacement shall be appointed from among the officer bearers (Vice President,Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer) of the Executive Committee to which the vacating Trustee /current President belonged. The replacement shall serve for the remainder of the vacating Trustee’s term.


Roles & Responsibilities


  1. The Board of Trustees shall only serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee and shall not involve in the day to day operations of the Executive Committee
  2. The Board of Trustees shall assist the Executive Committee by
    1. Rendering guidance, advice and support in operational matters where needed
    2. Making recommendations to align operations with long term objectives where needed
    3. Assist with community outreach, fundraising and public relations activities where needed
  3. The Board of Trustees shall ensure continuity of operations of the organization by
    1. Serving as the independent election commission for the Executive Committee elections. Members of the Board of Trustees cannot contest Executive Committee elections.
    2. Monitoring and ensuring a smooth transition between successive Executive Committees
    3. Monitoring and ensuring that the organization’s registration and non-profit status is maintained with the appropriate government agencies by the successive Executive Committees
    4. Monitoring the tangible, intangible and intellectual assets of the organization including the separation of Operational and Corpus funds
  4. The Board of Trustees shall further the long term goals of the organization by
    1. Providing oversight and guidance for long term and strategic planning for the organization
    2. Execution of long term projects approved by the General Body. Long term projects are defined as anything that spans multiple calendar years.
  5. The Board of Trustees shall also present an annual report of their activities along with recommendations for long term and strategic planning to the General Body




  1. The Board of Trustees shall meet at-least once every quarter
  2. The Board of Trustees shall meet  at-least once every quarter with the Executive Committee
  3. The minutes of meetings shall be shared with the Secretary of the Executive Committee who is the custodian of all organizational records


Thank You
Executive Committee
Greater Atlanta Malayalee Association