Greater Atlanta Malayalee Association (or GAMA) was formed in 1981 when a dozen or so Malayalee families in the Atlanta area organized a meeting to unite under a common umbrella. From the first meeting in 1981, GAMA has grown to a large and vibrant organization. GAMA is one of the oldest and largest Indian expatriate organizations in the United States and strives to preserve and promote the Malayalee’s social, cultural , educational, literary and artistic heritage through it’s programs and initiatives. We welcome all Malayalee families who are present in the Greater Atlanta area to join us!

Past leaders of GAMA

Over the years, GAMA grew continuously through the contributions of time and talent from individuals who served as office bearers and committee members.  Given below is an incomplete list of the many committed leaders who lent their time and skills towards building this august organization.

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GAMA Past Presidents

Antony Thaliath
K.C Ninan
K.C George
Mathew Varghese
Roy Varghese
Abraham Augusthy
Shaji Fernandez
Saju Samuel
Sheila Johnson
George Koovakada
Sebastian Thaliath
Shaji Elakat
Regi Cherian (President 2008)
Jewel Jose (President 2009)
Thomas Chacko (President 2010)
Biju Thomas Thuruthumalil (President 2011)
Manoj Thomas (President 2012)
Anu Sukumar (President 2013)
Thomas Eapen (President 2014)